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  • James Gagliardini

The Toronto Maple Leafs Sweep Florida!

The Toronto Maple Leafs bounce back after an embarrassing loss to Carolina last Saturday night when the emergency Goalie comes in and beats them on their own home ice. They had an amazing showing in Tampa, beating one of the best teams in the league on Tuesday following that loss. They come out ahead 4-3.

Next up is the Florida Panthers on Thursday night, who are trying to catch us for a playoff spot in our division. Toronto battles hard and show everyone who is boss by beating them 5-3 and staying 4 points ahead in the playoff race.The most impressive thing about this win is that the Leafs were down 3-1 and just when typically they would fold and the score would end up 7-1, they fought back to take the lead and never look back! On a side note, is it just a coincidence that Kasperi Kapanen has a goal and a fight in both games? Is this the spark the Toronto needs after dealing away Kadri? Has Kappy learned some grit from new Leaf member Clifford? We will find out more tonight as the Leafs take on Vancouver on Hockey Night in Canada!

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