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  • James Gagliardini

The Raptors have won 15 games why is everyone still focused on The Leafs?

On the morning of another thrilling overtime win by the Leafs, we seem to forget that the "other" Toronto team in the city has a better record at this time last year, and without the "superstar" that we had to have to win a Championship. Not only that, but The Raptors have won 15 games straight, but that still doesn't seem enough to steal the spotlight from "Toronto's Team". The day after The Raptors won their 15th straight, the Toronto Media were still talking about The Leafs backup goalie situation. Let's not for get, this is a "Hockey City" and arguably "The Hockey Mecca" of the world, but come on guys, we have to show some more respect to The Raptors, and notably Nick Nurse, for his amazing transformation of this team and possibly the best coach in the league. But that's another topic all together!

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