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  • James Gagliardini

Another Disappointing Season for The Toronto Maple Leafs!

After Sunday's disappointing final game 5 loss to The Blue Jackets, The Toronto Maple Leafs have to look deep at their roster to figure out what they will do in terms of the make up of this team. With highly paid forwards and a top loaded first and second line, the leafs need to fix the defence issue that has plagued this team for years. I must give credit to the Leafs for at least making the series interesting. In game 3, the Leafs were up 3-0 and then gave up 3 straight goals to The Blue Jackets, to tie the game and force overtime. The Blue Jackets made it 4 straight and won the game 4-3. The next night, The Blue Jackets were up 3-0 and this time with close to 4 minutes left in the game, Toronto pulls the goalie and scored 3 straight to tie the game and force overtime where they score to win 4-3 and force a final game 5. Sunday night, The Leafs get shutout 3-0 and Columbus goes on to the next round. To add insult to injury, the next night, the 1st overall pick went to the New York Rangers and not The Leafs who had the same chance of netting the first pic as all others in the lottery. It will be an interesting off season for The Leafs as contracts are up and the CAP will stay the same due to COVID-19. Check out !

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